zondag 16 september 2012

New Videos Online

Hello Guys,

I have just uploaded some new videos. One is about a Z-pass test from videocopilot.net and is done pretty well i think, and one is done with some footage also from videocopilot.net.

explosion video
Z-pass video

Surf to videocopilot.net and check out its tutorials : )


YouTube Page > holyballsack.youtube.com

zondag 19 augustus 2012

New Video Online

Hello Guys,

I have created a new video, again a slow motion video but the really specific on this video is the audio. This audio is created with some license free music where I did add some sound effects on and added the Low-pass filter on it. This all creates a simple effect that we all get the feeling like there's something wrong. This can be used in several genres: action, horror, thriller, adventure etc.

watch it here:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN3GIaeSOpY

Tip: get your volume further on a bit to create some better cinematic field!


The Canon 1Dx Review by DigitalRevTV

Hello Guys,

Of course we all want to own this camera but we haven't the cash for it. The 1Dx is in my opinion the best of the 1D series.

DigitalRevTV have done a hands on review on the camera:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUMBM8goMOo&feature=g-all-u

I can't wait for the 1Dc announcement!


The Canon T4i / 650D's autofocus test

Hello Guys,

Now the T4i / 650D is released, will get many reviews online about everything what haves to do with the camera. I found this review from dpreview.com a very interesting topic: Autofocus.

> http://www.dpreview.com/news/2012/08/15/Video-tests-of-the-Canon-EOS-650d-rebel-t4i-hybrid-autofocus-system

The "fast autofocus" mode is very usefull for things that goes fast. Anyway, i found it pretty usefull and of course i have a T3i / 600D, so i defenately had to look into it : ).


Oh, and if anyone of you guys have's a 7D and haven't upgraded the firmware jet:

vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

Lowlight test on a Canon kit Lens

Hello Guys,

I have done a cinematic lowlight test on my kit lens from Canon (EFs 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6).
Click here to watch it in HD on You Tube > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gPh5F1LnA8&feature=youtu.be

Actually there is a bit to much noise in there but I hope I will get a fast 50mm as soon as  possible!


maandag 13 augustus 2012

The Great Red Cinema Camera's

Hello guys,

We all have dreams, one of me is the Red Cinema Camera's! Those Badboys are a bit expensive starting from 10.000 dollar - body only! And than you haven't a lens yet!

Maybe you guys can check it out at red.com

Otherwise search on google for red cinema camera's...

Something that you have to see

Hello Guys,

I'm following Philip Bloom for a while now and here is something he have created together with some people:

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYtpL5YhWOQ&feature=player_embedded

The Olympic Games are just over Right know but it's still nice to watch at. Personally I wanted to see some lovely film looks out there but I'm not the boss about them.